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Ridiculous Day

July 30th, 2016

Ridiculous Race Challenge

Race Start Time:  9:00am

Entry Fee:  $10 per person ($15 after 5pm on Friday, July 29th) *Must be teams of 4!

Description:   Teams will race through downtown Newton following clues and completing “ridiculous” challenges at participating businesses.  The clues will contain riddles and trivia as well as some specific directions.  Teams will travel by foot to their designated destinations where they will complete the challenges.  The course is designed with families in mind!  We also welcome corporate teams as well, but anybody can have a chance at winning!  There will also be a “best dressed” competition, as we would like your team to dress alike, and the more ridiculous, the better!  Think silly, creative, and themed costumes!

Location:  The race will begin and end at the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce office, located at 113 1st Avenue W.

Check-In Time:  Check-in and “day of” registration will take place from 8am-9am at the Newton Chamber Office

Object of the Race:  Be the fastest team to solve all of the clues and complete all challenges.  The team with the fastest time wins!  Once your team finishes you must present all of your “completion tokens” from the challenges as well as your photo evidence.  A 10 minute penalty will be added to your time for each incomplete challenge and/or lost token.  Don’t lose your tokens!  You cannot go back and get new ones!

Details: *All clues will be given out at the beginning of the race.  The clues will provide you with your locations for your challenges.  You can decide which ones to do first, and you do not need to finish them in any certain order.

*Follow the clues to figure out which businesses or landmarks to visit.  Make sure to follow the challenge directions carefully, and remember to get your “completion tokens” as well as any photo evidence needed to bring back to the finish!

*Your official finish time will be recorded once all team members have crossed the finish line.

*After you finish make sure to check-in and get all of your evidence checked!  If you do not have it all you may be charged a 10 minute penalty.

* Once you cross the finish you cannot return to any incomplete challenges!  Make sure to check that you have everything you need before you finish!

*Your team must stay together for the entire race.  No “dividing and conquering!”

*Each team will be assigned a color.  All of your completion tokens and clues will be color coded to correspond with your team.

*Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking and running!

* Use your resources!  Phones, googling, and random people on the street can all be used to figure out your next clue!

*Teams are required to wear matching outfits, and the more “ridiculous” the better!!  You can be crazy or simple, it’s up to you.  There will be an award for “Best Dressed Team” to be given out at the end of the race.

* The course will be fun and challenging but it is suited for all who wish to enter!

* All children under the age of 18 MUST be on a team with one or more adults.